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An evolutionary algorithm applied to drawing, that’s what it looks like! For several years now, every day, the image of the day from Wikipedia has passed through this program and is put online!

Uses Processing (Java) and PHP for the site.

Visual of the site made by the one and only Sarah-Jane Munger

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Katahdin VR

As part of a GameJam (video game creation in 48 hours) at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi in October 2018, I had the chance to work on developing a VR game with some members of Totema Studio.

The game runs on Oculus Rift VR helmets and uses the Oculus SDK in Unity 3D. I made the entirety of the VR adaptation and VR game controls

Demo video



This Unity 3D game was created in 4 hours. A friend and I made it during a games competition on! The goal of the game is simple, to save ourselves from Gilles the monster.

Frameskip was named Most innovative game concept during the competition.

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PCB is a “clicker” type game that consists of collecting more and more money by buying parts for your printed circuit board. It also has the particularity of being able to create music with certain kinds of components, inspired by Pocket Operator controllers. The project was made in Unity 3D

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Simple site allowing to create a playlist automatically based on on the content of a reddit community. Just enter the name of the community and every video or song contained in this community at this time will be played. one by one

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